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Vitamin C (and E) Builds Bone

When you're thinking about bone health, what's the first vitamin that comes to mind? Calcium? Vitamin D? Those are quite illustrious pro-bone vitamins! Bone is intricate however. Its health is reliant on a blend of nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin E and calcium and vitamin D, etc. Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation shares some essential details about how vitamins C and E help build bone. Tonawanda men and women discover benefit for their bones with the appropriate mix of nutrients!
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To start with, vitamin C. Post-menopausal and vitamin D deficient women’s bone  mineral density benefits from vitamin C. Researchers even go so far as to say that poor vitamin C intake puts post-menopausal women at risk of osteoporosis. (1) There is enough osteoporosis in Tonawanda as it is, so be sure you are taking your vitamin C.

How much vitamin C helps bone? A study shares that 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid together with 400 IU of alpha-tocopherol could be useful in preventing or helping in the treatment of age-related osteoporosis. (2) So how is ascorbic acid related to vitamin C? Ascorbic acid is a natural occurring antioxidant compound that we humans don’t produce. Odd! So we need to get it from our diets. (3) And what about alpha-tocopherol? It’s the strongest tocopherol - a most easily absorbed antioxidant and protector of cell membranes - called vitamin E. (4) So our Tonawanda chiropractic patients will want to check their intakes of vitamins E and C especially if they have osteoporosis.

How does vitamin C help bone? Studies show that low intake of vitamin C relates to bone loss, leading to osteoporosis. The good news is that that vitamin C protects the skeleton by preventing bone loss and promoting growth. (5) Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation has to promote vitamin C more!

And how does all this relate to back pain? A lack of vitamin C promotes degenerative disc disease. As we age, the vitamin C we do take – which is usually lower, too – doesn’t get around the body as well. Then, degenerative spine disease ensues along with defective connective tissue because of a reduction of collagen synthesis which is essential for spine stability. Whew! What a cycle! Then add in the tissue inflammation that accompanies degenerative disc disease, and the demand for even more vitamin C increases to combat the inflammation. (6) So vitamin C is an important part of bone health and spine health. Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation will help Tonawanda chiropractic patients figure out just the right amount of vitamin C to take a day to protect and promote bone.

So contact Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation. Arrange a Tonawanda consultation to discuss a chiropractic care treatment plan for your spinal and bone health that will certainly include spinal manipulation as well as nutrition.

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