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Research: Tonawanda Spinal Manipulation Relief of Back and Leg Pain, Neurological Symptoms

Researchers keep studying spinal manipulation to more fully explain how it contributes to pain relief for sufferers with back pain, related leg pain, and neurological symptoms that interfere with quality of life. Spinal manipulation (SM) eases back pain (acute, chronic), back-related leg pain, quality of life, neurological symptoms, and disability for sufferers. That is a sentence full of potential with supporting research behind its claims. Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation individualizes a chiropractic treatment plan incorporating spinal manipulation mantimes the gentle form of Cox® Technic flexion distraction decompression for our Tonawanda chiropractic patients after performing a detailed examination. Tonawanda pain relief is imaginable.


Spinal pain patients as well as patients with neurological disorders like stroke have neurological symptoms that react to spinal manipulation. Suffering with neurological symptoms impacts worldwide disability statistics as well as personal well-being and quality of life. A narrative review noted that most studies described how spinal manipulation eased spinal pain, may improve strength in asymptomatic people, and reportedly altered spasticity, muscle stiffness, motor function, autonomic function, and balance problems. Of course, a call for more studies to solidify these findings was issued. But the beneficial impact of spinal manipulation on the quality of life for spine pain sufferers, those with balance issues, and those with cerebral palsy were described. (1) Such relief reasonably influences back pain treatment guidelines that your Tonawanda chiropractor consults to optimize your clinical back pain relief.


Researchers hunt through the published research papers to find the ones with reliability, coherence, etc. A recent guideline for the treatment of low back pain resolved that incorporating spinal manipulation in the treatment plan of acute low back pain, chronic low back pain and chronic back-related leg pain was successful as part of a multimodal approach. Advice, reassurance, education, self-management, usual medical care, home exercises, etc., were reported as helpful in improving pain and disability. (2) Guidelines like this for back pain must be based on research that describes how relief is produced.


A present study proposes that how chronic low back pain patients respond to SM stems from mechanisms of centralization (central sensitization) that can be analyzed using questionnaires, pressure pain threshold tests, inflammatory cytokine tests, and patient expectations of relief. The researchers anticipate being able to forecast patient response. (3) Prior to this study, a narrative review found that spinal manipulation in part inhibited neck pain and back pain via spinal cord mechanisms of pain relief and wondered what the role of inflammatory responses via peripheral mechanisms played in the relief. (4) Both studies incorporated placebo comparison but also documented that placebo and controls in a spinal manipulation study are difficult to disguise treatment versus no-treatment due to the hands-on character of the treatment. An improved control/placebo could help clarify the contribution of the effects of SM on pain relief.


Back pain patients do not often question their pain relief. They don’t often ask “Was it this?” or “Was it that?” that finally got them feeling better, but researchers know that the placebo effect may well be influential based on patient expectations and conditioning. Researchers are now checking to see whether conditioning can heighten patient outcomes by sharing the positive expectations of spinal manipulation treatment. (5) What do you think? Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation knows our chiropractic patients can feel better knowing that their care is well-researched and supported by clinical trials that documented positive clinical outcomes for back pain relief.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Clint Dickason on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes the relief with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management for a patient with back pain and sciatica.

Make your Tonawanda chiropractic appointment soon. Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation hopes that you don’t let your quality of life deteriorate because of your back pain, related leg pain and or neurological sypmatomatology. Trust Chiropractic Spine Sports And Rehabilitation to thoroughly examine your spine and establish a relieving treatment plan for its care. 

Tonawanda spinal manipulation for back pain, leg pain, neurological relief  
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